Seasons of Shelter

Life at Shelter ebbs and flows with the seasons. Being a part of an all female team means that we’re constantly checking in with ourselves. During the Winter months we ask ourselves; what’s possible? What’s inspiring us? What are we able to create at this time? 

It’s nearing the end of April now. Our seamstress had her baby so restocking our Summer PJ’s will just have to wait. Our owner is expecting twins so we’ll pick up the slack to let her rest. Keeping things moving along because even though it’s slow, it’s still fashion that we’re creating. Regardless of the month, keeping the same pieces we love in rotation all year round is just how things go. We invest in pieces that bring us joy and we make them work. Sometimes with a sweater overtop when it starts to get cold and sometimes to cover a swimsuit when we take the time to play in the sun. 

Maybe that’s what draws us to linen. A little luxury that can withstand a bit of life. It’s just as beautiful to wear that Ivory set as it is to wash out the stains in the evening from a day well lived. Reminders of tiny hand marks or a day in the garden washing away with only a bit of soap. 

Spring feels close now, we’re pulling out our Eva shorts and linen dresses. The kind that can be dried in the sun in only a few hours. These pieces see us through all the changes our bodies go through day to day and year to year. 

Our Spring collection is coming together. A collection of pieces passing through many hands making its way to you. Using up leftover fabric and taking the kind of photos that can capture it just right. 

We can’t say much more… so here’s some photos instead <3


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