Inspired by our Hand dyed Collection

Dying fabrics was one of my first ventures into textile art. I used to play with huge vats of indigo in my backyard when my son was small. All his white onesies that had stains became a gorgeous rich blue, as well as all my husband's work shirts (and everything else in the house that could possibly be dyed). Although I love an all neutral wardrobe - as some aspects of my ideal self are classy and creamy. When I go a bit deeper, my true self is bold, and bright, and highly saturated with colours of my favourite flowers. When I see white items drop into the vat and come out the colour of marigolds, my heart skips a beat. I cannot wait to share these treats with you. Drape your bodies in these gorgeous labours of mine, each hand dyed by me with a smile on my face.





Here is a mood board inspired by our latest collection released on July 6th.

Everyone’s favourite Natural Brewers and our Celia Party Dress were hand dyed in 4 delicious summer colours. Cotton candy Pink, butter Yellow, sky Blue and peachy Orange, these soft hues are all dyed by hand in my kitchen - aka no two pairs are alike.

Images via Pinterest.

Think bubblegum, cotton candy, everything sweet and soft.

Hand dying Pink Brewers in Alison's kitchen. 

Sunshine, citrus and daffodils, we can’t get enough of this summery yellow.

Celia dresses sitting pretty. 

Ocean waves, blue delphinium and endlessly clear skies. Feeling blue has a whole new meaning.

 Alison in our Blue Brewers.

An aperol spritz or a creamsicle on a summer’s day. We’re all over anything orange.

Braiden in our Orange Celia Party Dress.

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