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Smile Bra - Sky

Smile Bra - Sky

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Made from 100% US grown organic cotton with adjustable straps. Named the smile bra because it is everything we’ve ever wanted in a bra. It’s comfortable and sturdy and made with love in California. This bra has less stretch in the cups because there is no spandex.

The elastic inside the straps is made from 100% natural rubber and the elastic in the chest band is made from natural rubber/cotton. Fully compostable besides the adjusters that are made from nylon coated metal.


Pansy size XS: Traditional bra size 28 A-C, 30 AA-A

Pansy size S: Traditional bra size 28 C-DD, 30 A-D, 32 A-B

Pansy size M: Traditional bra size 30 DD-F, 32C-DD, 34A-B

Pansy size L: Traditional bra size 32DD-F, 34 C-F, 36A-B

Pansy size XL: Traditional bra size  34F-H, 36 B-DD, 38 A-B

Pansy size XXL : Traditional bra size  36DD-F, 38 C-F, 40 A-B

Pansy size 3X: Traditional bra size 38 G-M, 40 C-F, 42 A-B

Pansy size 4X: Traditional bra size 40 DD-M, 42 C-F, 44 A-B

Pansy size 5X: Traditional bra size 42 DD-M, 44 C-F, 46 A-B

Care Instructions

Bras are sensitive garments. We recommend hand washing if possible. The next best thing is washing cold on a delicate cycle inside a mesh delicates bag. Always hang dry out of direct sunlight.

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Most items are ready to ship. Please allow 5-10 days for your order to process before shipment, in addition to the shipping timeframe you select at checkout.

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