Shelter is a slow fashion brand inspired by the principles of beauty, quality, and sustainability. Each cut honours the architecture of the body, making space for women to move, play, and work.
Designed for all seasons in material that improves with wear, a Shelter garment is a timeless addition to any wardrobe. This upcoming year we will be expanding our basics line to even more beautiful materials including cotton canvas, raw silk and more. 
Our Children's line, Rain People repurposes scraps from Shelter into quality children’s wear made for playing hard. Find us at Rain People for sustainable options for your wee ones. 
Meet the Shelter Team
Alison, Owner
I started Shelter as a way to focus on her own need for self care. I was recently a single mom and had spent 4 years as a child focussed business owner of Rain People. I found myself desperately lacking in self care and as my own awareness of my needs grew, so did the inspiration for Shelter. The pieces of this brand have been created to feel like you are wearing gentle, soft pieces that you don't have to fuss with, while also feeling very special- like you are doing a little something great for yourself each time you get dressed. I realized the importance of fashion and taking a moment to dress myself when my son was much younger. When I took a moment to dress myself, I stood differently in the world, interacted with people in a different way, and was able to take up more space in the world- pushing against my previous instinct to make myself small. I have always adored clothing- the fabrics on my skin, the colour in my life. I sees fashion as a way to play in the world and make space for that in my day to day. 
I have always sought community while developing this business, I never wanted to do it alone. I really feel that so much of the success of this brand has been the amazing people I have been able to bring in and employ. As we grow each new hire takes over a piece of this business that hasn't felt like my expertise or area of passion, fine tuning my role so that I have time to focus on being the artist and creator behind Shelter. 
I am from a big family with a huge focus on the practical arts, I am by no means the best artist in my family. My sisters Aiko and Alisa are both artistic geniuses in my mind, who deeply inspire me and whom I draw on their support frequently. My father's views on community and social justice are also great motivators in the decisions I make every day for myself and this business.
I try my best to share about who we are, what we do behind the scenes, and that we are real people making each and every one of these pieces with love and care and intention. When I put on a garment from Shelter or any other small handmade brand, I can feel the intention behind these items and I get to carry a bit of that with me through my day, and feel loved and cared for by these hands.
I am Alison, the mom business hustler behind Shelter. I am the main designer of these garments. I am responsible for hiring the team, directing most actions taken throughout the week, and I make big decisions about our direction and we are an extremely fluid and ever changing organism. I don't know where I am going or what I am doing every day, but on my best days I feel I am here to spread joy and inspire women to care for themselves as beautiful, creative, and boundless creatures.
Braiden, Branding + Creative
Braiden has had a hand in Shelter since the very beginning- she is my niece and officially being part of the team is a move that has always made sense. She has a design eye and which led her to flower school in New York City. For the past six years, she has been working as a professional florist and growing her role at Shelter, a business that is close to her heart. She helps with branding and creative direction, giving guidance on photoshoots, design and branding for the future. Braiden pulls inspiration for Shelter from her interests in art, global fashion, travel and interior design. 


Kayla, Operations + Commerce

Kayla joined the team to take over running the website so that I could focus on other parts of the business. She was first a customer of Shelter, and it's been really special having someone who loved our brand as a customer join the team and be on the other side of things. Her work focuses on the website design, commerce operations, marketing materials, and pushing forward our extended sizing efforts. Kayla describes working at Shelter to be reminiscent of her studio art education- focused on collaboration and creativity. 


Roanne, Shipping + Customer Service 

Roanne came onboard to help out with shipping and customer service. She was at a point in her life where she wanted to make a change for the better of her mental health, and had fallen in love with slow and accessible fashion. She was looking to work with inclusive companies and came on to join our team. Roanne packs up all of your delicious goodies, holds down the fort in the studio day to day, and communicates with all of your rad people for any guidance you may need. 

Beverly, Production Manager

Beverly has been part of Shelter for many years. In the early days, when I could no longer sew everything myself, she came on board as a sewer. Now, she manages the production process- liaising with pattern makers, those involved in production and performing quality control on the completed pieces.